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About Adhar Card

Aadhar card is Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) that provides 12 digit Adhar card number that can be used as identification of resident of Indian people. UIDAI has a tagline for Aadhaar Card as “Mera Aadhar Meri Pahechaan” which also represents that its identification of the individual person.

Adhar card use mainly 3 unique Biometric Identification Information to Uniquely identify every Person having adhar card. The 3 unique biometric information is based on your face, your fingerprints and your iris pattern.

Here we will cover all the doubt related to aadhaar card like How to Adhar card download or How to check Adhar card status and Adhar card update. or How to change the name in Adhar card online etc. So are you in right place for information about all query related to Eadhaar card online.

Read the given Information carefully then select your choice in Navigation. here all information is about eaadhar

How to Enrolled in Aadhar

    • Check your Nearest Enrollment office to apply for adhar card.
    • Get the adhar card application form from there or you can also download aadhar card application form at here.
    • Fill detail according to your resident address and area. Fill your name and other detail in Form given to you.
    • Submit the necessary document to your Adhar card enrollment center which you have visited.(click here to know which documents are valid for adhar enrollment process. )
    • At Enrollment center, they will take your photo, fingerprits and iris scan.
    • After the Few Days, Your E Aadhaar is Available on official E Portal of aadhar card website.
    • Approximately After 10 to 15 days, your Adhar card will ready and you can Download it in UIDAI portal In Form Of Eaadhaar(Soft Copy).
    • Your Physical Aadhaar card will be couriered to your home address by the government, it can take some weeks to reach your home depending on your city/village area.

The UIDAI has given a list of different 18 type of identity documents and 33 different type of address proof documents to get adhar card. find out Full list of Documents required for aadhaar card Enrollment.

After the few days of your Enrollment process, you can check your aadhar card status online, like Whether your aadhaar card is ready or not. click below to check the status.

aadhar card status check online

How to Download E Aadhar online

Check out this below step by step guide for adhar card download

  • Click below link to visit Aadhar Official website.
aadhaar website

aadhaar website


Choose Enrollment Id, If you are having Enrollment Id with you or Choose Aadhaar Card if you are having Aadhaar Card with you.

Aadhar Acknowledgement Slip

Aadhaar Acknowledgement Slip

  • 1) Then Fill the details according to the option you have chosen. For e.g. if you have chosen Enrollment Id then Enter Enrollment Id and Date Time in the first box which is Printed on Acknowledgement Slip. Like this (Enrolment ID (1234/12345/12345) and date Time(01/01/1990 12:12:14) ).
  • or if you have chosen Aadhaar then Enter your 12 digit Aadhaar Number in the First Box. Like This (adhar Number (1234/1234/1234))
  • 2) In Second Box Enter your Full name. (As shown on your Acknowledgement slip or aadhaar Card)
  • 3) Enter your six digits pin code (For E.g. 123456)
  • 4) Enter Proper Image captcha as shown in the box.
  • 5) ​Finally, Enter your mobile number (Which you have given while Registering with adhar)
  • 6) Then Click on “Get One Time Password” Button.
aadhar card download

aadhaar card download

Note: Now you will get OTP(one-time password) on your register mobile number with Aadhaar.


Enter your OTP(one-time password) in the Last Box and then click on “validate & download” button.

So, Finally, you’ll get your aadhaar card in a pdf file format.

Note: Your pdf file will’be protected with a password.( Don’t Worry, Just Click on below link to know how to open E aadhaar pdf file with password)

The Step by Step video guide to Download E-aadhar Online:

Still having Confusion on how to download your E aadhar Card, don’t worry, we have made one demo video for you. Check out this below video link for full proccess of how to download your adhhar card online.

Click here for Full video ​guide

How to Update Aadhaar card

Aadahr card is very important nowadays. any mistake, misspelling or error in your aadhar card might bring you some troubles. The government has also announced to link your aadhar card with pan card, for that purpose also you need to have correct and same information on the both card. Any tiny mistake, misspelling or error in your name, date of birth or gender etc on any of the document will lead you to the unable of linking of aadhar card with pan card.

so, If you are having any mistake in your aadhaar card and you are willing to update your aadhar card then check out this below guide.

As per UIDAI's website, there are 3 ways to update or correct your aadhar card details.

  • Online update of aadhar card
  • aadhaar card update by post
  • aadhaar card update by visiting your nearest enrollment center

aadhaar card update online

Here we'll give you step by step procedure for updating aadhar card online.

Note. To update aadhar card online you must have previously registered your mobile number. As OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number to successfully login in uidai's Portal.

If you have not registered you mobile number with aadhaar card, then click here to know the procedure details to register mobile number.​

For Full Detail Guide with appropriate Images and video Click Here or For short Guide follow the below steps.

  • Go to the official website of uidai, click here to go there. 
  • Login to Uidai Portal by Entering your Aadhaar card number and captcha that displayed to you, then click on "Send OPT" button.
  • Enter the OTP received to your registered mobile number and then click "login" button.
  • Check the appropriate check box which you want to the update or correct aadhar detail.
  • (or eg. If you want to correct your name and address, then click the check box in front of name and address field. then click on "submit" button.
  • Fill the valid corrected details in the form and make sure that translated details in your local language are accurate. then click on "submit update request" button.
  • Further Cross check that all the details are same as you entered in the previous step.
  • if you find something wrong written on screen by mistake and want to correct it then click on "Modify" button or else If all the details are accurate then click on confirmation check box and click on "Proceed" button.
  • In Next Screen upload the necessary and appropriate scanned documents. when your documents are uploaded on the portal click on the "Submit" Button below that.
  • then click on "Yes" Button in the confirmation dialog box.

Note. Be sure that Uploaded document has the same information that you want correct in the aadhar card.

  • Finally, select any one database showed to you. Either select Aegis or Karvy and then click on "Submit" button.

Now On next screen you'll see URN(Update Request Number). You will also get a confirmation message and URN on your registered mobile number. You can Track Your aadhar Update Request by using this URN Number.

Click here to know how to check aadhar update status.

Aadhar Card Status

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It is very Easy Process to check your Aadhar Card Status online. you can check your aadhar card status at your home without visiting The aadhar center.

Click on below link and follow the step by step guide to check your aadhaar card status online at your home.

Aadhaar Card Status check Online


Click below link and follow the steps given to you to update your Aadhar Card Status.

For information in English click here

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After updating your aadhar card, check out the update status, whether its ready or how much time it will take to get your information updated.

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